The Wild Swans at Coole

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- unpredictable, enjambement, irregular, sounds regretful, about the past - love that went wrong. 

- WILD swans - more free than him. 

"The trees are in their autumn beauty" 

- autumn - represents things that are coming to an end - everything is dying in autumn - something is ended but just about to start - time of change. 

- both routined in autumn - he comes and they go.

"Under the October twilight the water  -  Mirrors a still sky"

- twilight = colourful, beautiful and romantic - in between day and night - uncertain. 

- rhythm breaks up on "Mirrors a still sky" - shorter line 

"The nineteenth autumn has come upon me  -  Since I first made my count"

- time moving too quickly - life has flown by 

- "come upon me" - sounds like it has come suddenly - suprised him.

- sounds regretful - misses childhood/past - holding on to the past. 

- he has changed and got older but surroundings, including swans, haven't. 

"I saw, before I had well finished"

- not read to move on - stuck in the past. 

"All suddenly mount  - And scatter wheeling in great broken wings  - Upon their clamourous wings"


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