The White Devil Memorable Quotes

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'The White Devil' by John Webster.

Love, Lust and Death:

'Women are more willingly and more gloriously chaste when they are least constrained of their liberty.'

'I wish time would stand still, and never end this interview this hour, but all delight doth itself soon devour.'

Love and death are indissoluble, inseparably intertwined. Described by Francisco as 'Like mistletoe on sere elms spent by weather, let him cleave her and both rot together.'

Despite Vittoria's adulterous relationship, Bracciano and Vittoria's affair is presented almost sympathetically.

All intertwined with complex family relationships.

'Of his adulterous sister he dare utter, so scandalous a passion'.

Isabella still believes she can win back Bracciano, suggesting some belief in love by some characters: 'these arms/Shall charm his poison...And keep him chaste from an infected straying.'

Violence, Horror and Revenge:

Isabella expresses her rage at Vittoria in: 'To dig the strumpet's eyes out, let her lie, some twenty months a-dying'.

Murders committed by Lodvico described as 'Bloody and full of horror'.

Casual attitudes to murder shock the audience and emphasise…


Sophie Darcy



Ella Williams


Really helpful, thank you :)
btw it's Francisco who describes murder as a "glorious act" not Flamineo

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