The Western Zones 1945-9

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There were three western zones - British, French and American and this was repeated for Berlin.The Allied Control Council (ACC) was the military governing body whose decisions had to be unanimous, and when this failed each military governor could implement decisions in their zone, which resulted in different policies in each zone.

Problems in the Western Zone

  • Food and fuel shortages
  • homelessness
  • bereavement
  • integration into civilian society was problematic for soldiers
  • refugees
  • dealing with the impact of genocide
  • the collapse of the currency

Events in the Western Zone

1946 - USA drew up plans for German reconstruction, but Russia and France did not agree. France did not want a strong Germany and wanted large reparations; it even annexed the Saar for a short period.

1946-7 - A severe winter worsened conditions. A weak British economy, with bread rationing at home, meant it was unable to fund


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