The Weimar Republic Under Stresemann (Achievements)

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The Economy

  • Stresemann - skillful politician - had support
  • 1920s - Europe coming out of a post-war depression
  • He built up Germany's economy again
  • Dawes Plan - spread reparation payments over a longer period, loans from the US put into industry
    • Into businesses, replacing old equipment
    • Into Public works, swimming pools and apartment blocks etc.
    • Providing facilities, created jobs
  • 1927
    • industry recovering well
  • 1928
    • same levels of production as before the war
    • second greatest power (industrial)
    • wages for workers rose - higher standard of living
    • exports increased, reparations being paid
    • government increased welfare benefits and state employees wages


  • Strict censorship abolished - free expression of ideas
  • Writers and…


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