The Weak Verification Principle

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  • Ayer accepts the a priori/a posteriori division emphasised by David Hume and Emmanuel Kant
  • Ayer follows both Hume and thinkers of the Vienna Circle in their rejection of Metaphysics, First chapter in his book Language, Truth and Logic is entitled 'elimination of Meatphysics'
  • Ayer - 'for a statement to be true it must be a tautology (a priori) or verifiable in principle (a posteriori)
  • However Ayer focuses on the criteria of statments that are verifiable in principle
  • Language, Truth and Logic -Criterion of of verifiability; 'The criterion which we use to test the genuiness of apparent statements of fact...'
  • Above quote shows the key difference between the verification principle taught by Ayer and that of the Vienna Circle
  • Ayer's principle suggests we do not need to  conclusively prove something by a direct observation, we need to suggest how it could possibly be proven/verified for a statment to be


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