The Wall (1958-63)

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  • West Germany in 1955- built up and army and were permitted to join NATO
  • This frightened East Germany- felt threatened by this sudden rearmament
  • Millions went to West Germany and West Berlin all day, every day
  • Threatened East Germany- undermined communism rule and those who left were often skilled, young workers who EG could not afford to loose
  • Wanted US to give West Berlin to them- rejected, despite nuclear threat issued by Khrushchev 
  • Khrushchev and Eisenhower begin to talk- co operation, however it soon collapsed following the U2 incident (US caught spying and denied it; despite strong evidence to the contary)
  • The planned Paris Peace Summit collapsed before it even began
  • East Germany copied the Soviet style of ruling
  • Wanted


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