The Vietnam War

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  • France was occupied by Germany so lost Vietnam over to Japan.
  • However the Viet Minh were able to oppress the Japanese and spread their base through Vietnam.
  • Japan surrendered in 1944
  • Ho Chin Minh took over the  Capital of Hanoi and declared Vietnam to be an independent country. 
  • France refused to accept Ho's declaration, returned to Vietnam. 
  • Ho's communist forces moved further down North of Vietnam.
  • Ho asked USA to help them however the USA was in growing conflict in the escalating Cold War with Communist USSR.
  • USA aided the French instead as they didn't trust the communist Ho.
  • Fighting continued until the defeat at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 which caused France to seek for peace settlement. 
  • Geneva Records of 1954 officially divided Vietnam.
  • The North was under Ho's communist regime while the South under French influence.
  • Vietnam was divided at the 17th parallel and was surrounded by demilitarised zone (DMZ).
  • Geneva Accords stated that Vietnam has to be reunified by the national elections of 1956.
  • Domino Theory triggered the United States involvement in Vietnam as they feared North Vietnam falling to communism will trigger the rest of South East Asia to fall too.
  • Within year of Geneva Accords, USA began to support the anti-communist politician Diem who took over South Vietnamese government in 1955 with the backing of USA and canceled the 1956 elections.
  • Diem proved to be ineffective, corrupt and unpopular. 
  • However the USA still supported him as they were fearful of the uprising communist resistance activity that was spreading in South Vietnam.
  • The resistance was organised by Ho Chi…




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