The value of life in religion

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throughout all religions, they hold the view that life is a precious gift from god and therefore sacred. 

some people may have a damaged pysical body, but their intrinsic value remains and is equal to everyone elses and it would be wrong to devalue them. 

Tyle and Reed say " the sanctity of life must be maintain and upheld"

God created all humans for a specific purpose, and we should respect each other with equality. 

both murder and suicide are forbidden as they undermine the laws and rights of god, as its his right alone to take life. 

So, in religion we should be treated with the utmost respect as disrespecting life would be sinful. 

Christians focus on the point that we was made in the image of god, so our life is even more valuable. 

In regards to islam, in the quran it states "whoever kills another human being, for anything other than killing…


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