The use of viewpoints contributes greatly to the intrest and effectiveness of the novel

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Developments: Elizabeth's developmental journey from judgements being too 'quick' of Darcy+Wickham - carries this judgement of Darcy around with her until the letter ever since "not handsome enough to tempt me" When she reads the letter, she realises her mistakes and comments "how despicably I have acted"

Darcy's development of falling in love with Lizzy. 1 paragraph. "He looked at her only to criticize... he was caught by their easy playfulness.". Much quicker for him to fall in love with her than her with him.

Darcy's development of being "the most disagreeable man" to "gentlemanlike civility" shows the reader how effective Lizzy's prep talk was about manners. it had her words had "haunted" him. Also effective and interesting as Austen shows how words can have an effect on…


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