The unpopularity of Hoover and the election of Roosevelt.

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The unpopularity of Hoover and the election of Roosevelt.

- Hoover was blamed for the Depression most unfairly.

- He had difficulty understanding the extent of the crisis and the help needed.

- He had been elected by the Republican governement to keep policies of lassaiz faire and rugged individualism.

- Now in power Hoover fould it difficult to change his policies to suit the deepening depression.

- His term of office was dominated by the Depression and he was blamed for not intervening directly on a large scale even though he did more than any other previous president. 

- He expanded government lending and encouraged public work schemes.

- He could not bring himself to consider more direct action.

- He could not abandon the principles of self help and voluntary cooperation.

- He continued to believe that the economy had to right itself.

- Historians have recently been more…


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