the treaty of versailles

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  • signed on 28 June 1919 by the German delegation
  • Matthias Erzberger signed the armistice to end the war on 11 November 1919
  • the allied leaders drew up the treat of Versailles
  • Germans bitterly opposed the treaty and asked for several changes but was rejected
  • the were not invited to negotiate
  • treaty was imposed on them
  • the Germans had to accept the treaty because of the military and political turmoil
  • the treaty was seen as a sign of defeat and humiliation to the Germans
  • they gad 15 days to respond to the treaty
  • they were shown the terms of the treaty on 7 May 1919
  • the German army had never accepted defeat as they had never been defeated in war --they had a sense of pride
  • the treaty was called the DOLCHSTOSS (the stab in the back)
  • even chancellor Ebert did not accept the defeat…


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