The three gorges dam

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Aims of the 3 gorges dam:

1.To reduce flooding,

2.To improve navigation for shipping.

3.To generate electricity via Hydro-electric power.

The Yangzte river regularly floods and in recent history is a big factor in the loss of life. During the 1900s floods in the Yangzte river have caused over 300,000 deaths.

With the dam being able to raise water levels in the river this has made it easier for larger ships to travel up the river.

The dam is hoped to provide 10% of china's power; with china producing 80% of its power by burning coal which is non-renewable and produces harmful products such as carbon dioxide which contibutes to the greenhouse effect.

The dam does however have some problems:

1.The main purpose of the dam is to control flooding, however at high risks times of flooding water levels must be kept


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