The theory of Biogensis

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People used to think that life could just spontaneously generate ( appear ) from non living things, then the theory of Biogensis was created which stated that Living things come from other living organisms.

There were number of experiments which helped with this theory which eventually changed a lot to come up with the Theory of Biogensis.

  • First there was man called Lazzaro, his experiment was very simple:

- he boiled two broths ( to kill off any microorganims), one which he didnt put a lid on and the other one which he didnt bothered to. then he left them.

- the one with the lid on stayed fresh, the one that was left open went bad ( as in turned green, and would give you food poisoning if you ate it.. mm nice)

- he stated that micorbes ( the bad things) got into the food from the air, but others ( the stupid ones)


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