'The text is so rooted in the female world that only a woman could derive any pleasure from it' (Using PP p153 as your starting point, explore this claim about female experience, and how it is presented)

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Language of enumeration is used on p154 when Mr Collins says he can 'number the trees in every direction' on Lady Catherine's estate. Can be considered comical in a female mind, but to a man, could seem dull, boring and mundane

The book centres around Elizabeth's development in her relationship with Darcy. Her developmental journey from being a daughter to becoming a wife. The evoulution of her prejudice and the turning point (letter) her changing feelings and then the ending. From seeing the world from Elizabeth's eyes, we begin to empathise with her. Is a man able to sympathise with a female main character as much as a woman could?

Yellow Wallpaper: Woman's development in becoming more courageous/senile

Narrative structure - network of internal relationships between significant elements of text (characters eg. Jane, Bingley, Darcy, Elizabeth, Lydia, Wickham, relationships eg: Jane+Bingley, Elizabeth+Darcy, Lydia+Wickham, Charlotte+Mr Collins, - It's a love story, a romantic comedy, mainly about women

Waiting Elizabeth waiting for Darcy: 'the period which passed in the drawing-room before the gentlemen came, was werisome and dull to a degree' - Lizzy has been waiting most of the novel, along with all the other women. 'Elizabeth soon saw that she was herself closely watched by Miss Bingley, and that she could not speak a word' - shows distrust amongst other women and what their behavious is like to each other during the waiting period. Represents the microcosm of Georgian society. Austen writes about waiting during the Napoleonic wars. Jane waiting for Bingley, Bennets waiting for a son 'Five daughters successively entered the world, but yet the son was to come; and Mrs. Bennet, for many years after Lydia's birth, had been certain that he would' Only a son could inherit, work, earn money, solve financial problems... Theme of women waiting for men

The yellow Wallpaper: Woman waiting for John to return

in any book, the narrators attitudes are a central part to the story as they are shown inexplicably

Views on marriage: Society: "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want


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