The Tawrat, The Zabur and The Injil.

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The Tawrat - This was given by Allah to the prophet Muses (Moses). Many People equate this to the Jewish Torah or the 5 books of Moses from the Bible.

The Zabur - This was a collection of Hymns and Songs which Muslims believee was used for worship in Solomans temple in Jerusalem. They believe that many of these were written by Dawud (David). Some Scholars equate this to the Biblical Book of Psalms. 

The Injil - This was the revelation recieved by Isa (Jesus). Some scholars equate this to the four Gospels of the Christian Bible, although this is debatable. 

Throughout History, Muslims believe that Allah has sent his message directly to Humans. His message to people on earth has been passed on…




well done mate. this is really good.



Mate, don't worry about it, I do lots of notes on RS, so check it out :)

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