The Strengths and Weaknesses of The Weimar Republic 1919-1929

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Concentrated more on the beginning of the Republic 1919-1923


The Constitution:

Article 48 provided a means of flexibility which crises could be dealt with (used 130 times). E.g used to put down the Munich Putsch.

Changes including a creation of the Reich (state) as a parliamentary democracy.

Chancellor and Cabinet now needs majority political support in the Reichstag.

Political stability created by the built-in checks and balances = more support for democracy. E.g the President directly elected by the people, use of PR.

Good balance between authority and democracy?

The Military:

Support against revolution attempts. E.g Red Bavaria 1919, the Ebert-Groener agreement, Kapp Putsch.

Opposition divided.


Stresemann - Chancellor Aug-Nov 1923, Foreign Minister 1923-1929

As Chancellor- ending passive resistance in the Ruhr - pursued policy of fufilment to demonstrate the to the Allies that reparations were unfeasible - win relief.

As Foreign Minister - determined to improve Germany's international status and working towards…




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