The Sons Veto

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First Impressions

Well educated son

Used to be parlor made in husbands house.

She tolerates her son correcting her.

Doesn't like London- country girl

Son is upper class- mother from lower class

tricolon describes soft, gentle person

she is kind but sad- wants to be loved

she is not happy- flashes back to her old life

feels homesick to her old home

son looks down his nose at her- 'has dear mother- not have.'

she wants her son to love her

she doesn't want to point out her sons faults.

Sam loves Sophy- Sophy in two minds.

Sam is a gardener

now seeing Sophy as a real person- vicar

she's manipulating Sam

she wants better but loves Sam deep down

vicar - noticing sophy, kitten like, flexuous and tender

thinks he can manipulate her

she falls and twisted her foot and is now lame

vicars fault because he was ill

couldn't sack her- felt bad

was worried about his reputation

couldn't make any money- she couldn't walk

will marry but doesn't love him

she respected him and almost worshipped him

she didn't dare refuse- almost scared

had to move- 'commited social scuicide'

vicar had got her educated- ashamed of her- 'had taken much trouble over an education'

she wasted hours braiding her beautiful hair

she is lonley- 'has few aquantances'

she was still lovely but they are embarrassed and ashamed by her

her hair is the


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