The Solar Sytem

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The Solar System

P1- The solar system

Planets reflect sunlight and orbit the sun in Ellipses

There are 8 planets that orbit the Sun in almost circular paths which are the ellipses

There are the inner planets which are the ones closest to the sun these are mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars.

Then there is the asteroid belt

Then there are the outer planets which are further away. These are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

There are also things such as dwarf planets, comets, dust and other various things which all orbit around the sun.

The planets often have moons that orbit them. They are usually much smaller and are found nearer the planet.              

They also count as part of the Solar system.

Stars and planets are very different from each other.

When you look up into the sky you can see some planets. They look like stars but appear completely different.

Stars are huge, very hot and very far away.

Planets are smaller and they just reflect the sun that falls on them. The planets in the solar system are also much, much closer to us than any other star.



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