he was the brother of Phillip of France which meant he didnt have much influence and was the first to leave. He set out in late August from Italy with a small army of vassals + knights. The east offered him a chance of riches. He was joined by some from the 1st Wave and Normans who were preparing to leave.

his ship ran into a storm and was found by John Comnenus who escorted & reequipped them; he kept them under strong surveillance. Hugh was flattered by the respect and gifts but his liberties were restricted (prisioner?)

alexios thought the Franks aim was to secure principalities in the east = forced to declare policies. He had no problem as long as his lands were returned and was in favour of Christian buffer states as long as he was regarded overlord. He demanded an oath and attempted to win the franks with gifts (a way of emphaising is own wealth). Hugh took the oath


Godfrey's land was challenged by Mathilda,a papal allie, which placed him in a bad position. The crusade offered him escape from fustrating positions in Germany. He mad good preparations & blackmailed the Jews to get money + raised a big army

Baldwin was his younger brother who was destined for church life but look service under his brother. The crusade would enable him to show his capability and might help him find a kingdom in the East. He took his whole family = intent on personal gain

They didn't travel through Hungary and left at the end of August, arriving there at the end of October. They asked for permission to cross Hungary. Due to the 1st Wave, they were kept for 8 days and Godfrey was only allowed to pass if Baldwin was kept as a hostage; they marched peacefully through Hungary and reached Semlin in November, where Baldwin was returned

Belgrade had been deserted since the 1st Wave and they moved without trouble through the Balkan Penisula. They heard how Hugh was held prisoner & Godfrey became disquieted. In December they stopped at the sea of Marmara and looted in response to Hugh's imprisionment. At the end of the Month they arrived in Const. and camped outside as the large/equipped army


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