The Second Coming

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The Second Coming.

  • Was published in 1920 and written in 1919
  • Themes: disorder and chaos, upheaval , and apocalyptic visions.
  • Yeats shows his dispears about society
  • Shows yeats belief that the world is devided in to GYRES
  • Shows the second coming of the anti christ not christ like everyone expected.
  • Shows how new starts arent always good.
  • Yeats believed he was a channel, and the poem was written by spirites through him
  • Looks at how history will repeat its self continually if we dont change something
  • Poem starts out focused and regular.
  • lots of reference to circles and cycles.

Line by line.

  • 1) Repitition ( a major feature in this poem) adds to sense of fate,doom,inveitiability and the apocalypse - that you cant escape.
  • 3x"ings" gives the sense of spiralling out of control ( as if in a gyre)
  • 2) reference to birds - he sees them as symbols of freedom
  • a falcon= is trained to obey commands and tent to circle their prey
  • Society has got so caught up in our own world we dont listen to the moral voice and spiritual values.
  • The semi collon sets a scene
  • 3) we have gone too far away from out belief systems ( the circle of the gyre is getting wider)
  • "cannot "is repeated things are going to break down as things spiral out of control!
  • 4) "mere" makes "anarchy" sound trivial which is juxtaposition
  • "loosed shows the structure…


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