The Russian Civil War - 7 November 1917 to October 1922



  • The decision to close the Constituent Assembly in 1918 by the Bolsheviks was greeted coldly by the other parties like the SRs and the Cadets as they believed it was seized by force.
  • The Whites (general name for people who opposed the Bolsheviks) had some military support from ex-tsarist officers.
  • Still food and fuel shortages.
  • 50,000 Czechs who were prisoners of war seized control of the Trans-Siberian railway and began to head to Moscow. - They attacked Red Guards and drove Bolshevik troops out of Sibera.
  • The Greens (national minorites) saw an opportunity to esablish independance with Russia. - If the Bolsheviks were weak due to being attacked from different fronts independance was a possibilty.  

Bolshevik Strengths

  • They adopted a policy


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