The role of the brain and aggression


A person can be aggressive because of their biological make-up; they are aggressive people naturally. Some psychologists have conducted research into whether aggression has a genetic basis, but scientists have not found a gene responsible for aggression. Research has focused more on how the brain functions and how areas of the brain are involved in aggression.

There are two areas of the brain that are involved in aggression:

  • The Limbic System
  • The Amygdala

The Limbic System

It's a set of brain structures that lie in the middle of the brain. It looks a bit like a wishbone. The Limbic System is called the 'emotional area' of the brain because it is responsible for emotions needed for survival, like fear and aggression.

People with emotional disorders have been shown to have had damage to the Limbic System. The Limbic System is made up of…


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