the roaring 20's-key issue 1. how and why did the usa achieve proseperitt in the 1920's.

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 in the 1920's the usa became the richest country in thr world! after world war 1 use had made more money for the war selling goods, raw materials and weapons. the usa had this idea of isolation this is where they stayed out of all us affiars. wilsons idea was to sign the treaty of versailles and to join the leage of nations but waren hardings idea was to put america frist, he had won the election. in the 1930's there was a neutrality act - AMERICA REFUSED TO get involved in european affairs and refused to sell weapon in a conflict. isolation meant that the lauge of nations was weak and it failed. also it allowed the rise of hitler and helped create the red dcare. it also led to attempts to control immigration and led to the tariff policy(which helped cause the great depression)

before world war 1 low tarrifs helped world trade and america benefits.after world war 1 there was high tarrifs, but why? 1.isolation feeling. the usa did not need the rest of the world      2.put american businesses first by making foreign goods mor expensive. to encourage the boom seen during world war 1. 4. american wages were high. european firms could undercut american prices.high tariffs would prtect american jobs as people would buy american products because they would be cheaper and finally number 5. over production in agriculture.high tarrifs would stop foreign grain being bought. this was the action taken. in 1921 emergancy tariff-this increased the tax on food…


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