The Restless Earth

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Tectonic Plates

The Earth's Surface is separated into Tectonic Plates.

There are two types of plates, these are OCEANIC and CONTINENTAL. The Oceanic is thinner and more dense whereas the Continental is thicker but Less Dense.

Where these plates meet is called a PLATE MARGIN. There are three types of Plate Margin. These are:

Destructive - Where two plates move towards each other and the denser OCEANIC plate is forced underneath the CONTINENTAL. This creates volcanoes and underwater trenches. Crust is destroyed, hence the name

Constructive - Where two plates move away from each other, allowing magma to rise and cool to create new rock. Crust is constructed, hence the name

Conservative - This is where two plates move sideways. This often causes earthquakes, however crust is not created nor destroyed, hence the name.

Fold Mountains

Fold Mountains are formed at a destructive plate boundary. Sedimentary rocks are force upwards by the continental plate to form the mountains.They can be used for varying purposes. These are:

Farming - Steep slopes are TERRACED to make grazing animals and growing crops easier

Hydro-Electric Power (HEP) - Water flowing down the mountains mean people can harness the moving waters kinetic energy and turn it into Electricity

Mining - Fold mountains are a good source of major metal ores and


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