The reign of Henry VII: finance, economy and trade.

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 Henry the seventh inherited a BANKRUPT throne yet still had to pay for the ordinary expenses of governement.

Historian JOHN FORTESCUE warned of the dangers of poverty for a king as this can lead to rebellions.

Henry the seventh struggled in the early years as he had many EXTRAORDINARY expenses like the kings coronation and marriage, royal progress, defeat of Lovell in 1486 and in 1487 to pay for the feast of St george at Windsor.

Historians views on Henry the sevenths MONEY.

He went from a bankrupt to solvent treasury during his reign meaning he must have been COMPETANT at financial management.

Francis BACON holds the TRADITIONALIST view - "Henry's love of Money affected his reign"

More recently John GUY and others think, " Henry made the most of his various sources of revenue which is not…




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