The reactions of arenes

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Benzenes undergo different reactions:


Benzene + Nitric acid gives Nitrobenzene + water.

Reagants are Benzene and concentrated nitric acid mixed with concentrated sulfuric acid.

Conditions are temperature below 55 degrees C.

The electrophile is N O2 plus.


Benzene + sulfuric acid gives benzenesulfonic acid + water.

Reagants are benzene and concentrated sulfuric acid.

Conditions are heat under reflux for several hours.

The electrophile is S O3.


Benzene + Chlorine gives Chlorobenzene + Hydrochloric acid.

Reagants are benzene and chlorine and anhydrous aluminium chloride.

Conditions are room temperature.

The electrophile is CL plus.


Benzene + Bromine gives…


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