The purges 1934-1938 & Stalin's political dominance as a result

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How far do you agree that the most important result of the repression of 1934-1938 was Stalin's political dominance?

Take into consideration -

  • Impact on economy
  • Impact on military
  • Impact on society
  • Impact on political system

Stalin & political system

  • Stalin becomes politically dominant due to opponents being killed in the purges - Stalin is the Vozhd from 1929 and is open to criticism. Most prominent criticism is about collectivisation and the five year plans, mainly from Kirov.
  • 330,000 people were convicted of being enemies of the state, including Kirov, who received more votes than Stalin at the Congress of Victors. Kirov was murdered and Stalin used that as an excuse to purge the Communist party in order to execute all opposing him.
  • Trial of the


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