The Princes in the Tower

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  • Richard seized the crown ruthlessly, and in the months following his succession, rumours grew that he was responsible for the apparent murder of his nephews.
  • This was nothing new. Medieval society was very different to society today. It was rumoured that Edward IV was responsible for the murder of the feeble Henry VI, after his defeat after the battle of Tewksbury in 1471. Even Richard III himself had drowned his own brother in a vat of wine. This meant a historical precedent was established.
  • Richard had a clear motive for the murder of the nephews. Edward V and his younger brother were rightful heirs to the throne, an a huge threat.
  • Contemporaries believed that the princes were dead just a few weeks after Richard usurped the throne. By the autumn of 1483, Elizabeth Woodville was already supporting Richard's rival to the throne, Henry VII, who was in excile in Brittany, a plan…


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