The prairies - Case study

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Overall info

• The Prairies are generally level, originally grasscovered and treeless plains of North America, stretching from W Ohio through Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa to the Great Plains region.
• The prairie belt also extends into N Missouri, S Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, E North and South Dakota, and S Canada.

The Dust Bowl
• However, misguided farming practise up until the 1930s resulted in the ‘dust storms’ of the era which destroyed large areas of agricultural land and left 500,000 people homeless.

Solutions to the Land Degradation
• The problems of the Dust Bowl were so bad that the U.S Government set up an organisation to help the worst affected areas.
• The SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE was set up in 1936 to help promote better farming techniques.

Stubble Mulching
• This involves leaving the remains of


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