The Power Struggle

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The Triumvirate versus Trotsky and the Left Opposition

  • Triumvirate formed in 1923 with Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenev to deny Trotsky power
  • Ensure Trotsky was unable to master the party
  • Destroy Trotsky influence by questioning his ideology and loyalty to Lenin
  • Zinoviev and Kamenev persuaded Central Committe not to publish Lenin's testament which would destroy Stalin
  • As General Secretary Stalin drew up a list of approved candidates for the Party congress therefore stalin had control over who attended the important congress
  • Trotsky poor health meant he missed meetings and refused to make private alliances
  • 'Cult of Lenin- denyed trotsky power because it promoted Trotsky as disloyal to Lenin
  • Stalin lied about the date of the funeral so Trotsky didnt attend
  • Zinoviev and Kamenev criticised Trotskys Lessons of October because it only promoted Trotsky role
  • Truimvirate promoted Trotsky as a Menshevik and highlighted the disagreements with Lenin in the past
  • Stalin was promoting Socialism in One country which Zinoviev and Kamenev disagreed with breaking alliance.

Dummvirate versus the Left

  • Stalin united with Bukharin
  • Both agreed Socialism in one country was possible
  • Both


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