The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536


The Pilgrimage of Grace, 1536 -


Religious -

  • Dissolution of the monasteries - first areas to rise were those around dissolved houses.
  • Worried about rumours of ruther relgious change and angry about change that had already occurred.

Economic -

  • Reduction in taxation - increase sparked annoyance among people.
  • Enclosure laws.

Political -

  • Centralising policies of Cromwell and his and Cranmer's reformist ideas - growing power of central government - north excluded from political decisions.


  • End to the dissolution.
  • Reversal of relgious changes that had taken place.
  • Punishment of Cromwell and monastic inspectors.
  • End to enclosure of land and reduction in taxation.
  • Restoration of Mary to the King's favour.

Government's response/monarch's reaction:

  • Henry let rebels know he was prepared to hear…


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