The Periodic Table

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Just some notes on Group 1,7 and the Transition Metals of the periodic table
Hope they help! :) 

Group 1 metals are Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs, Fr

They are called 'Alkali metals' because when added to water to form a solution they create an alkaline solution.


  • React easily with water and have low densities so can float on water.
  • Soft solids at room temperature with both low boiling and melting points that decrease going down the group.
  • When reacting with water they produce hydrogen and a metal hydroxide (strong alkali).
  • They lose their outer shell electron in reactions to form ionic compounds in which their ions have a single positive charge e.g. Na+.
  • They get more reactive going down the group. This is because the outer electron is less strongly attracted to the…


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