The Parable of the Sower (Mark's Gospel)

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How the problems of discipleship are shown in the Parable of the Sower:

(this takes two approaches to 'the problems of discipleship; 1) is looking at the costs of discipleship e.g having to change attitudes, 2) is looking at the problems within the apostles discipleship, and duty as followers of Jesus)

- In the account the "disciples...asked [Jesus] to explain the parable" for they did not understand what it meant and what Jesus was trying to teach through using it. This story shows that as a follower of Jesus, an individual will encounter times when they do not immediately understand a teaching, a gospel, or even a prayer. A disciple must prepare to be confused at times, and understand that they will not fathom every one of Jesus' teachings; they must have patience and persevere like the disciples did.  

- Jesus said that "others...who are on the outside [meaning: not one of his 12 apostles] hear all things by parables". This causes a problem for disciples because, what if they do not understand the parables, how are they to be taught? Unless a disciple ensures that they understand a parable (e.g going to ask a priest for help in understanding Jesus' teachings) a disciple cannot fully understand Jesus' teachings and his Messianic mission.

- Jesus tells his disciples "you have been given the secret of the Kingdom of God"; however the apostles do not understand this. Jesus informs his disciples on how to enter God's kingdom, he breaks down the parables and explains it's symbolism and significant, yet the…


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