The Other Treaties

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The Other Treaties

The Versailles Treaty was the most urgent treaty to settle and so it was signed first, in 1919. Then the other defeated countries each needed a separate peace treaty, these were signed between 1919 and 1920.

The Treaty of Saint Germain

  • Country: Austria
  • Date: 1919
  • Land: Bohemia and Moravia became the new state of Czechoslovakia. Bosnia and Herzegovina became the new state of Yugoslavia, (also included former Kingdom of Serbia).
  • Military Status: Was disarmed.
  • Reparations?: Had to pay reparations.
  • Anshluss: Forbidden to join with Germany.
  • Results: Austria was no longer a leading power however the treaty was not a punishment as it needed sorting out (already collapsing before WW1). The treaty created industrial problems as it's best industrial land was given…


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