The Origins of the Korean War

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1910 - Korea formally annexed to Japan

1945 - 38th Parallel accepted by USA and USSR as a diving line between North and South Korea

The divison of Korea 

  • Russia had agreed to join the war againt Japan - Use of atomic bomb meaning the USA did not need them.
  • The suddenness of Japan's collapse - US State Department by surprise
  • 11th August - No USA troops in Korea
  • USA rushed to Korea - two Koreas were born - Kim il Sung - North - Syngman Rhee South 

The establishment of the North Korean State

  • Feburary 1946 an interim people's commitee was set up under Kim's leadership
  • Many of the landowning class had co-operated with the Japanese, and they were now fleeing to the American side (South)
  • 800,000 crossed the 38th Parallel
  • Independent liberal leftists were sidelined…


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