The Night of the Long Knives

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The Night of the Long Knives

By mid 1934 a power struggle had developed between the SA and the army, and Hitler had to choose between the two

The SA:

  • Hitler depended on the SA to put his policies into action
  • They helped fight communists
  • It's leader Ernst Rohm was a potential rival to Hitler
  • Rohm wanted the SA to take control of the army

The army:

  • The army only had 100,000 soldiers
  • The army was totally against being taken over by the SA
  • The army were important in controlling Germany
  • The opposition of the army had been Hitler's main problem when the Munich Putsch failed
  • Hitler told the army leaders of his plan to re-arm Germany and to take over lebensraum. He also intended to go to war with France

The were many reasons for both the


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