The Nature of God

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The Nature of God

  • Christians believe that God is made of three parts or persons called the Trinity.
  • These three part are:
    • God the father - the transcendent creator; Abba (another name for dad)
    • God the Son - Jesus who is immanent and came to life in human form.  He was not created by two humans and is therefore free from sin
    • God the Holy Spirit - offers us guidance; helps us to live the way God wants us to; pictured as a dove - symbol of peace; immanent
  • Immannet - God is inside the world
  • Transcendent - God is outside the world
  • Christians believe God is:
    • Omnipotenet - all powerful
    • Omniscient - all knowing
    • Omnipresent - everywhere
    • Creator - made the whole universe
    • Eternal - has no beginning or…


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