The Nature and Value of Human Life - christianity

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CHRSTIAN PERSPECTIVE of Nature and Value of Human Life

How does humanity fit into the universe, this is essentially what the topic is asking.

Western Religions - a divine being, the God of classical theism, has creates the univers and in that creations human beings hold a special place.

What does it mean to be human ?

The rule of respecting yourself and respecting other is a fundamental moral teaching (love thy neighbour as you love thy self, love God) and it links to the central christian beliefs of nature and value of human life.

- In christian theology, human beings have a unique nature and value in all of creation which has been given to them by God.They have sanctity of life which connects to their dignity.

Dignity - God has given all humans a distincitve purpose. We were not here by accident, we were intended and have a role which adds to our value.

What is our purpose ? - To look after al of the birds and animals.

- to have a


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