The narrator's attitudes are of central importance to the story

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in any book, the narrators attitudes are a central part to the story as they are shown inexplicably

Austen structures her book and uses the characters to show her concern for order in society, in terms of rank, correct behaviour, morality or relationships.

The fact that the good people are rewarded (Jane and Bingley, Lizzy and Darcy) and the bad people are punished (The Wickhams) for their behaviour at the end of the book shows us that Austen knows what is morally correct and she punishes people who have been "scandoulous" and rewards the good people

Austen not only inexplicably gives the reader her views (mainly through dramatic irony), but also invites the reader to discriminate and judge contrasting characters and behaviours

The narrator in Austen's novel is the all-knowing. The narrator is the only one who really knows…


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