The Munich Putsch 1923

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  • Hyperinflation was making the lives of Germans hard. Hitler wanted to tackle this problem. Member's of the Nazi had grown to 55000, mainly of members from Munich. hitler wanted to make a National impact
  • Gustav Stresemann was a good chancellor who seemed to be getting to the top of Germany's economic and international crisis. Hitler needed to act before this unrest died down. 
  •  Gustav Stresemann was starting to crack down on extremist political groups. he had already cracked down a left-wing revolt in Saxony. Hitler could see the crackdown of right-wing groups next


  • 8 November 1923, in there was a meeting in the Burgerbrau Keller in Munich by the Bavarian government-- there were 3000 offcials
  • the three main speakers were von Kahr (head of Bavarian government, Von Siesser (head of Bavarian police) and von Lossow (head of Bavarian army)
  • Hitler burst in to the venue with 600 SA and shot a bullet at the ceileing and announced he was going to take over the local government
  • Kahr, Siesser and Lossow  were taken to a corner by Hitler and and…


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