The Sudeten Crisis and The Munich Agreement, 1938

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The Sudeten Crisis

Part of Czechoslovakia consisted of German speaking peoples in the area known as the Sudetenland. It was this area that received Hitler’s attention.

  • Hitler ordered Henlein (the leader of the Sudeten Germans) to stir up trouble in the Sudetenland.
  • German newspapers produced allegations of crimes apparently committed by the Czechs against Sudeten Germans.
  • Hitler threatened war if a solution was not found.

The British Prime Minister, Chamberlain, believe that peaceful solution could be worked out.  He tried to persuade the Czech president, Beneš, to accept self-government for the Sudetenland. Beneš reluctantly agreed, but Hitler then produced new demands in which he claimed that the Sudetenland should be part of the German Reich.

On 22 September, at a meeting at Godesberg, Beneš refused to accept the German demands.  It seems that war was a real possibility, but Chamberlain…


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