The Multi-store Model

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Basic Facts about the multi-store model:

  • The store was proposed by atkinson and Shiffrin
  • It was the first memory model to be well known and accepted
  • It has three major stores


Sensory Memory:

  • The sensory memory is the first store in the Model.
  • It is where information is first recieved
  • information is recieved through our senses (hence why its called "sensory") e.g visual, smell, touch and echoic (sound)
  • The sensory memory has a vast capacity (how much information it can grasp) e.g when you look at a picture, you can see the whole image




Great help thankyou. Only way I can think of improving it is by stating how memory is lost e.g. sensory- trace decay ect...thanks for the help though! :)

Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR


thankyou soo much, i missed the lesson we learnt this and needed to catch up, the stuff in my textbook was too complicated but this summarised everything really well.

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