The Multi-Store model (12 Marker)


Outline and Evaluate the Multi-Store model (12 Marks 6+6)

The MSM was developed by Atkinson and Shiffrin and includes three seperate unitary stores, the Sensory Store, the Short Term memory and Long Term memory. The MSM believes that information flows through three seperate unitary stores in a fxed linear order. The SM first gathers information from our sense organs, and is modality specific, SM has a limited duration but a large capacity of less than half a second. Information rapidly decays unless we pay attention to it, if we choose to pay attention to it then information is passed to the STM. STM has a limited capacity of 5-9 items or Millers 7 +/- 2 and has a limited duration of 18-30 seconds, information is processed acoustically, forgetting occurs in the STM due to displacement and decay. Maintenance Rehersal allows information to be held in the STM, Elaborative rehersal transfers information from the STM to the LTM by processing information semantically…


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