The Moonstone Notes

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  • Miss Clack, the new narrator, is a single lady whose mother was related to Sir John Verinder, Lady Verinder's dead husband.
  • She informs us that she's always kept a diary, so she can easily look up dates and events that related to the Moonstone.
  • She says that Franklin Blake offered to pay her for her contribution to the evidence about the Moonstone, and, being rather poor, she accepted.
  • She clearly doesn't think very highly of Franklin Blake.
  • She consults her diary, and then begins her narrative.
  • On Monday, July 3, 1848, she is passing by her aunt's house in London, and happens to notice that the shades are up and the lights are on, so she decides to knock and see what's going on.
  • Penelope answers the door, and says that Lady Verinder and Miss Rachel arrived in London a week ago and plan to stay for a while.
  • Miss Clack doesn't want to bother them (of course), but sends a note upstairs asking them if she can be "of any use."
  • Lady Verinder sends a message down inviting Miss Clack to lunch the next day.
  • Miss Clack offers Penelope a religious tract titled, "A word with you on your cap ribbons," because she thinks that Penelope wears too many frills.
  • Penelope declines the tract, but Miss Clack pops it through the mail slot after leaving the house.
  • Miss Clack is a member of a lot of different charitable societies of questionable usefulness.
  • One of them, the "Mothers'-Small-Clothes-Conversion-Society," has a meeting that…


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