The Man and the Echo

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"In a cleft that's christened Alt"

- he's in a cave

"And shout to secret to the stone"

- talking to himself in the cave.

"All that I have said and done,  -  Now that I am old and illl,  -  Turns into a question till  -  I lie awake night after night  - And never get the answers right."

- very straightforward and blunt about his aging. 

- feeling very guilty - brought on by aging - guilt so strong that he can't sleep.

- thinks he has caused pain/ suffering eg. "did that play of mine send out Certain men the English shot?"

"And all seems evil until I  -  Sleepless would lie down and die. 

Lie down and die."

- seriously contemplating killing himself to stop his feelings of guilt.

- echo is him - literally talking to himself - basically just told himself to kill himself. 

- echo always repeats most negative thing. 

- creepy, sad - spunds like an order. 

"That were to shirk   -  The spiritual intellect's great work,"

- killing himself is just avoiding important work. 

- believes it is his duty to write poetry and sort his thoughts about before he dies.

"And shirk it in vain. There is no release  -  In a bodkin or disease,"

- bodkin = dagger - Hamlet wants to kill himself but is afraid of hell.

- death won't help - no solution to old age.

"Nor can there be work so great  - As that which cleans man's dirty slate."

- work is important - has to sort out his life before he dies.

- this work will clean him of his guilt - sounds perfect/ ordered - positive.

"While man can still his body keep  -  Wine or love drug him to sleep,"

- youth - have the body - aren't tormented by the mind. 

- life…


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