The main trends - Chemistry Unit 1

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What happens as we go down a group?

What happens as we go across a period?

Ionisation Energy


  • More electrons are added to the atoms.
  • More shells created.
  • The outer electrons are shielded from the nucleus.
  • Less attraction and it is easier to remove them


  • Number of protons increases.
  • Stronger positive charge in the nucleus.
  • More attraction between nucleus and electrons.
  • More energy needed to remove the electrons.

o Between Mg and Al, the IE decreases.

o The outer electron in Al is found in the 3p orbital.

o Slightly higher energy than 3s orbital (like Mg).

o Less energy is needed to remove the electron.

§ Between P and S, there is a drop.

§ In the 3p orbital of P, there is only one electron in each.

§ In the


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