The main interest of the novel is in it's portrayal of intricate characters. Explore the methods which writers use to create complex characters

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Developments: Elizabeth's developmental journey from judgements being too 'quick' of Darcy+Wickham - carries this judgement of Darcy around with her until the letter ever since "not handsome enough to tempt me" When she reads the letter, she realises her mistakes and comments "how despicably I have acted" Shows she is a complex/intricate character as she changes her views and does not stick to the same view

Darcy's development of falling in love with Lizzy. 1 paragraph. "He looked at her only to criticize... he was caught by their easy playfulness.” Much quicker for him to fall in love with her than her with him. Demonstrates he is a complex/intricate character as he falls in love with Lizzy early in the novel, but doesn't profess his feelings until half way through

Darcy's development of being "the most disagreeable man" to "gentlemanlike civility" shows the reader how effective Lizzy's prep talk was about manners. It had her words had "haunted" him. Also effective and interesting as Austen shows how words can have an effect on people in everyday life.

Yellow Wallpaper: Woman's development in becoming more courageous/senile 

Dialogue: Differences in relationships and characters shown through dialogue. Lizzy+Wickham's dialogue="Are you much acquainted with Mr Darcy?'' "As much as I ever wish to be,'' shows the only interest they share is Mr Darcy and his 'scandalous' deeds

Jane and Lizzy: "he was totally ignorant of my being in town last spring! I had not believed it possible." "I suspected as much," shows Jane as slower than Lizzy, doesn't think the worst in anyone

The Yellow wallpaper: Woman's dialogue with John at the beginning: "I don't care to renovate the house just for a three months rental" "Then do let us go downstairs"...'Then he took me in his arms and called me a blessed little goose'. Shows John is demeaning her. Compared with woman's dialogue at the end: "For God's sake, what are you doing?" "I've got out at last"..."In spite of


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