The Left-Right divide in the UK

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  • State economic planning and nationalisation of all major industries
  • Relaxed approach to government borrowing
  • Redistribution of income to create more economic equality
  • Strong trade unions, protected rights for workers.
  • Protectionism for domestic industries
  • Anti-European
  • Extensive welfare state
  • Tolerance of minorities
  • Stress on equal rights
  • Liberal attitude to crime and its remedies.
  • State is justified in intervening to create social change


  • Largely free market economy with some state regulation.
  • Pragmatic approach to government borrowing to stimualte economic growth


Old Sir


A very brief, generalised, but thought provoking analysis. Students looking for an introduction which includes some relevant, but arguable generalities might find this a useful starting point for further reading and evidence gathering about the frequently changing priorities of the main UK political parties. Students might also find the following (brief) entry from this contributor useful.



I'd associate with most of the Centre apart from "pro-Multiculturalism"

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