The Lecompton Constitution

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The Lecompton Constitution

Problems in Kansas

  • Governor Geary restored order in Kansas, although there were still two separate governments, the Lecompton government and the Topeka government.
  • By Febuary 1857, the Lecompton government had authorised the election of a covention to create a constitution, which would set Kansas to its way to statehood.
  • Free staters suspected that the election would be rigged by pro-slavers, so refused to get involved. As a result, the pro-slavers won.
  • This raised Southern expectations, as they realised that the creation of another slave state was possible.
  • The free-staters claimed that the pro-slavers had been fraudulent in the election, and this was found to be true. The fraudulent results were overturned, giving the free-staters a majority.

Creating the Constitution 

  • The constitutional convention was the pro-slavers last refuge.
  • The constitution did not represent the majority opinion in Kansas.
  • Although the pro-slavery…


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