The League of Nations 1919 - 1936

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The aims and purpose of the league:

  • It was president Wilson's idea.
  • Another war was unthinkable, people needed methods of keeping peace.
  • It was collective security
  • The league was inserted as a conclusion in all peace treaties
  • It was unsuccessful in ensuring the USA was a member.
  • The aims were listed in its covenant:

           - Achieve international peace.

           - Encourage nations not to go to war.

          - solve disputes peacefully

          - encourage disarmament

         - improve working and living conditions around the world.

These aims were to be achieved by collective security, nations would combine to impose the following sanctions:

  • Diplomatic sanctions - tell the aggressor he was wrong.
  • Economic sanctions - refuse to trade with the aggressor
  • Military sanctions - a last resort, go to war together against the aggressor.

The organisation of the league:

The assembly:

  • delegations from every member


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